BBNaija Day – 38: Pepsi Duo Showdown, Midweek Vibe & Puzzling Up on

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BBNaija Day – 38: Pepsi Duo
Showdown, Midweek Vibe &
Puzzling Up

A Pepsi duo showdown
The Big Brother Naija Housemates had a great
time with the Pepsi Task, showing off their moves
and lyrical prowess.
Today the Housemates were treated to a Task
that would have them moving, dancing and
singing for a grand prize to envy. Tonight the crew
were not only treated to a party for the hype
beasts, but they also earned some dope threads,
courtesy of Pepsi. Here is how their Task went
The Task at hand was simple. First, figure out the
ambassador you will be repping by putting
together a puzzle with their face and song.
Second, put up a grand performance of your
team’s ambassador’s songs in the Arena.
The teams were to practice their songs together
throughout the afternoon. Every 30 minutes their
songs would play and they would have the
opportunity to go and practice with music in the
garden. The final presentation would culminate in
a song and dance for the Housemates. Right
before the event, they were tasked with choosing
an MC for the night, and as usual, Trikytee was
our lucky guy.
Team Pepsi Davido: If
Brighto and Dorathy created a spectacle with
Dorathy being the leading lady on stage, with
Brighto her suitor. Dorathy looked every bit the
part, moving up and down the stage, better than
she had done in their rehearsal.
Team Pepsi Cuppy: Green Light
Kiddwaya and Lucy showed more chemistry than
they had while they were practising, putting on a
show for the Housemates that showed their
professionalism when it comes to performing
Team Pepsi Burna: On the Low
Neo and Erica as expected brought through their
creative flair with their dance moves and their
grace on stage. Neo, in particular, took an extra
step in creating a hairdo that resembled Burna
Bys locks.
Team Pepsi Spinall: Baba
Vee and Tolanibaj put on an all-girl show to
remember, with well-timed choreography and a
fun and youthful, tomboyish vibe. The duo showed
not only the amount of preparation they put into
their performance but also the fun that they had,
putting it all together.
Team Pepsi Tekno: Duro
Trickytee and Ozo showed out tonight as the only
all-boy team. The duo coordinated their moves
and enjoyment to put on a show that would Win
them the grand prize of the night which included
N1 million each, an all-expenses-paid trip to the
One Music Fest and a year’s supply of Pepsi!
Team Pepsi Tiwa: All over
Nengi and Prince definitely had fun on stage.
Prince took the lead with Nengi backing him up
on the vocals with their rendition of the hit song.
Sultry dance moves and good recall of the lyrics
made the duo a must-see!
Team Pepsi Wizkid: Fever
Laycon and Wathoni showed the whole group
what real chemistry looked like in their
performance leaning in for a soft kiss at the end
of their performance. Even though they had
been practising for this the whole day, nothing
prepared us for the final showdown which looked
The Housemates put up one heck of a show, with
the perfect set to boot! Tonight was all about
getting down with Pepsi and that’s precisely what
they did to give the show of a lifetime.
Congratulations to tonight’s winners who will no
doubt enjoy their time in Dubai.
A Pepsi musical rehearsal
With Pepsi bottles in their hands and stunning
shades on, the Lockdown geng got ready to turn
The Task ahead for today is simply a musical
performance Challenge, courtesy of Pepsi Naija.
Each of the Housemates was given the
opportunity to represent one popular Nigerian
music star through the course of the day.
Similar to some of the previous Tasks, they were
required to partake in today’s Task in pairs. This
means there would be seven teams in total and to
determine who their teammates are for today, they
had to all participate in a quick game. A box was
provided for the House; taking turns, each of the
Housemates had to pick one card from the box
without looking inside. Housemates who picked
identical numbers automatically became
teammates for the day.
Puzzling up
Once the teams had been formed, the next task
was to uncover their team names and the artiste
that each team would be represented in today’s
musical performance Task. For this reveal, seven
puzzle stands positioned at different spots in the
Garden were provided. One spot for each team.
The puzzle pieces had also been placed by the
puzzle stands. So, each team had to assemble the
puzzle pieces on their puzzle stand to reveal their
Pepsi ambassador team name. Also, some of the
puzzle pieces had also been hidden in strategic
locations in the Garden and teams had to search
for their missing puzzle pieces around the Garden.
The first team to correctly complete their puzzle
and reveal their Pepsi ambassador team name
wins some points. Team Tiwa who was made up
of Prince and Nengi, finished first and the points
will be added to their overall accumulated points
at the end of the day.
Having formed the teams and uncovered their
team’s ambassadors, the Housemates were
introduced to the next phase of today’s Task.
How well do you know the lyrics?
The major task today is to put up a grand
performance of one of their team ambassador’s
Below is the title of the songs to be performed by
each team:

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