Imo monarch, Osuji breaks silence on allegedly hiring thugs to stop uncle’s wife’s burial

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The Traditional Ruler of Obi-mbieri autonomous
community in Mbaitoli Local Government Areas of
Imo State, His Royal Highness Eze Josiah Osuji, has described the allegation leveled against him that he is using the military to stop his late uncle’s wife’s burial, as false and baseless.
The monarch, who was also accused of locking
members of his extended family out for over six
months has also described such as an attempt to
malign his hard-earned reputation.
In a statement signed by the palace secretary of
the community, Clifford Ukwujiaku, the monarch
said the accuser, Adolphus Osuji, is never a
member of Osuji Akpakaeme family but of
Meforom, hence, cannot force himself into Osuji’s
dynasty just to partake in the sharing of the
Osuji’s estate.
According to him, “Describing me as a foster son
of the family by a renegade like Adolphus is an
“Adolphus’ late father, Ebenezer and my own
father, Osuji Agbakaeme, had no blood
relationship of any kind. The said Ebenezer was
my father’s servant in those days, and by virtue of
this, he knew everything about my father’s
property. I was only three years when my mother
died and my sister, Comfort took me to Lagos.
“In my absence over the years as a toddler, my
father handed over all his properties to the late
Ebenezer on trust. Now that I have grown to
become the traditional ruler of the community, I
have come to demand for those lands in their
custody. That’s where the problem started.
“I wonder how a foster son in a family as they
described me could be made the traditional ruler
of a community for more than a decade. I was
made Eze during Governor Achike Udenwa’s
tenure and the members of my community
including him (Adolphus Osuji) supported me.
“Adolphus is more or less my son that has
benefitted everything from me. All my buildings in
Nigeria, he built. All my goods and businesses,
he managed and supervised. All importations my
companies made in recent times, Adolphus was in
charge. He was like my manager and Chief of
Staff. What have I not done for him?
“When he contested for councillorship and won, I
funded it. The young man has made over
200million naira from me but ask me today what
he used the money to do, nothing.
“He does not have a house in the village neither
does he has a land or compound in the village.
He goes around telling people that I locked him
and his siblings out, how? His only grudge against
me is that I told him and his brothers including
his late mother to make available all the 14
portions of lands in their custody handed over to
their late father on trust. All they told me was that
their father is my father’s son and I am a foster
son hence, has no right to ask for the family
“They took their mother away from where she was
staying comfortably in my house until her death.
What have I done wrong?
“I have to tell you without mincing words that I
am not aware of any burial or burial date of the
said Uncle’s wife or anybody in Osuji’s family,
talk more of stopping same.
“The entire Obi-mbieri autonomous community
regrets the unguarded utterances and derogatory
comments of Adolphus Osuji against his person.
“The uniform men you see in my house were
given to me by the IGP upon application to him
as a traditional ruler. They are only for security,
nothing else.
“My regret is that all my efforts to make Adolphus
somebody met brick walls and that’s why he
continues to see my father’s inheritance as his
only means of survival.
“The earlier he stops all this blackmail against
me, the better for him because no amount of
propaganda will make him a son of my father,
Osuji Agbakaeme or qualify him to partake in the
sharing of the family property.
“It is unfortunate that Adolphus started the media
propaganda and blackmail with defamatory
comments against my person. He forgot the
matter is still ongoing in High Court. They want
me dead so that they will intimidate, harass and
threaten my children and eventually take my
father’s inheritance. That won’t be possible!” the
monarch concluded.

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